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China has emerged as the world’s largest investor in clean technologies surpassing a total investments of USD 50 billion in 2010 alone, with ambitious plans for further growth.

This clearly provides a large opportunity for many companies, but the challenges are also well-know. The size and diversity of the country, complex regulation, and a need to find local partners are examples of barriers that can make it time consuming and costly for foreign companies to enter and grow their business in China. And taking a few years to get established is usually not an option with a market that is changing so fast. We believe Arreon’s support can increase the chances for foreign companies to become successful in China, requiring much less time and lower investments to get established. Our staff is predominantly Chinese and includes consultants with extensive work experience from global leading management consultancy companies and multinationals.

Our proposition to clients includes:

  1. Detailed understanding of selected clean technologies and sustainability sectors
  2. A well-known brand name in China, with a strong network of contacts with Chinese companies, regulators and government agencies
  3. Customized ‘end-to-end’ service, to ensure we support our clients according to their needs, in the most effective way
  4. Good understanding of both Western and Chinese business culture