Under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), stakeholders from Kyoto Protocol¡¯s Annex 1 countries (industralised countries) could support greenhouse gas abatement projects implemented in developing countries. Such projects result in validated and verified emission reductions that can be used by the Annex 1 parties to help meet their emission reduction obligations. The growth of emissions is curbed in developing countries without imposing emissions caps that could restrict their economic growth.

China has seen strong growth in CDM projects since the Kyoto Protocol took effect in 2005. As of February 2010, 2,399 projects had been approved by the Chinese government, and 774 had been registered with the UN, who administers the CDM.

Our role

Arreon Carbon is a originator of Carbon Credits in China¡¯s emission reduction market. We source emissions reduction projects in China, take the project through the CDM process to achieve successful registration with the United Nations, purchase the resulting emissions credits and deliver them to the international market.

In addition, Arreon Carbon works with local government to establish carbon or energy efficiency trading platforms, and is instrumental in setting up China¡¯s first energy efficiency trading platform pilot in the city of Tianjin.

The Arreon Advantage

Arreon Carbon is a trusted partner to various leading Chinese enterprises whose locations extend across China. We are among the earliest players in China¡¯s carbon finance market, and were ranked in 2009 as the top international CER off-taker by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Arreon Carbon is regarded as one of the most capable CDM developers in the world. We have a deep understanding of the CDM registration process and the people involved. We are capable of working efficiently and effectively with Chinese and European governments, all the major Designated Operating Entities, and the United Nation¡¯s CDM Executive Board.