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Partner search

Chinese partners play an important role for companies looking to enter China. In some energy sectors, there are legally requirements to form a JV, but even without legal requirements, partners are often essential. For example, to provide a sales channel, local knowledge, manufacturing capacity and/or financing.
We offer to help you find and assess suitable potential partners and can assist you in establishing a solid connection with them. Under some circumstances, we can discuss with you to act as your agent in China. In any country, but especially China, building trust and relationships with other companies can consume a large amount of time and efforts and can therefore be very costly. Through our extensive contacts with many Chinese companies, we understand who to talk to, we can help you to prepare when you visit China and can even manage the local relationship with you.

Our partner search service can include the following:

  • Partner selection and assessment. An overview of potential partners and an assessment of the suitability of these partners for reaching your business objectives.
  • Partner discussions and negotiations. Discussions preparation. If requested, join our clients in the discussions and negotiations Support in mantaining the relationship.
  • Due diligence. Detailed assessment of a potential partner before signing a JV, acquisition or other cooperation agreement.
  • Advice on the optimal deal structure. Strategic advice on type of cooperation agreement that best fits the clients' objectives and protects their interests.