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Market Assessment

Our market assessment will help you evaluate whether and how to best enter the Chinese market.  After discussing the questions that need to be answered we will provide the data,detailed analysis and clear insights to help you make the right decisions.  We along with your entity representatives, can also conduct interviews with government agencies and other players in the market.

The following elements will give you a better idea what types of services we provide:

  • Analysis of the potential. This can include amongst others: An overview of existing market size, market growth and underlying trends; Geographic differences across China; Profitability.
  • Overview of the market structure. A more detailed analysis of competitors, suppliers and buyers, their relative strength, recent and future trends
  • Overview of the regulatory situation. Overview of main current and expected regulations, government objectives, and available subsidies related to your products
  • Market entry strategy. Overall advice on how to best enter the Chinese market including how to position yourself, which product(s) to offer, where to start and with which partners.
  • IP, legal, structuring. Likely with one of our partners or external advisors, we can advise you on ways to protect you IP and your options on structuring a Chinese venture in a way that best fits your business objectives.